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Town Road Revitalization Plan

Barriere Town Road Revitalization Plan Summary Report 2009


Town Road is the main corridor through the community linking the downtown, recreational areas including the Community Park, public services, and residential neighbourhoods.  Aesthetics, safety, functionality, and social interaction are some key elements that contribute to the charachter of road.  It is also an important corridor with respect to municipal infrastructure.

This plan is intended to ensure the District can maximize the potential of infrasturcture within the existing right of way, while facilitating a built enviornment that supports active transporation. The project goals are as follows:

  • Outline potential physical enhancements to infrastructure within the road corridor, particularly water and road assets;

  • Encourage active transporation through the use of pathways and/or sidewalks;

  • Contribute to a safe, compact, and accessible community.

One aspect of this plan is the instersection of Salle Rd, Barkley and Barriere Town Road. In October of 2012, a four-way stop was installed as part of the first steps to carry out the vision first developed via public consultation in 2009:

Click on the link below to view the entire 2009 Barriere Town Road Revitalization Plan Summary Report (*note - this is a large file and may take a moment to load).