A Community Parks Master Plan was commissioned by the District.  Work began in July 2008 and was completed in March 2009.  The objective of the Community Parks Master Plan was to

  • Express a vision for Barriere that supported an economic transition to emerging sectors such as tourism, service and lifestyle.
  • Develop a long range plan and program that contributes to community, recreation and economic development.
  • Identify community needs and opportunities related to the Community Park.
  • Effectively use public land.
  • Conserve natural areas.

  • Guide responsible investment of funds
  • Leverage community finances
  • Apply and document a process and plan that engaged the community.

A significant amount of work continues to go into the parks within the District of Barriere including irrigation and seeding of three Barriere parks, the re-surfacing of a multi-use court on

Airfield Road
and the construction of multi-use pathways
in Fadear Park, just off
Barriere Town Rd. After a decade of
fundraising in 2016, the long awaited "Splash 

in the Past" splash pad was finally constructed.  It is opened in May and is closed down for the season in September. Hours of operation are 10am to dusk. 

The District maintains the four local ball fields on

Airfield Road
, which are available for rental.  Upgrades to the District ball fields includes completion of a new Field House with public and accessible washrooms.

Construction of the Barriere Bandshell in Fadear Park began in late 2010 and Bandshell Fridays has become a popular activity during the summer season. 

A bike park built and maintained by volunteers is located on leased land adjacent AG Foods. 

An upgraded linkage is now complete from the trail head at the end of Yard Rd. to the trail along the Barriere River that leads to the Community Park and into the downtown core. In 2016 construction began for the long awaited "Splash in the Past" - Splash Pad project.  The spray park is located in Fadear Park between the Barriere Bandshell and the Lion's Gazebo across from Barriere Elementary. 

Parks (and Road Maintenance) inquiries: 

Dustin Doherty, Parks & Roads Manager
Phone: (250) 672-9751
After Hours Parks/Roads/Water Emergency (250) 672-2118